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Global Crowdfunding Day

Believe it or not, this Saturday April 5th is the 2nd annual Global Crowdfunding Day. The event was created in April 2013 to mark the one year anniversary of the JOBS act being signed into law. The bill received solid, bi-partisan support. Building on the growing popularity of crowdfunding to get small businesses up and running, the bill shapes the legalities … Continued

The JOBS Act – What does it mean for crowdfunding platforms?

This post is a guest written by Andrew Jackson. He has set out an introduction to crowdfunding and how the JOBS Act might effect the average investor. In the Spring of 2012, Obama signed the act that is responsible for changing the entire crowdfunding platform landscape. Until April 5th, 2012, a small pool of existing … Continued

Start-Ups Bill and IdeaScale’s Crowdfunding Platform

The news has reported several times over at this point that the Senate has voted to approve the JOBS Act (Jump-start Our Business Start-ups), which (among other things) allows for the crowdfunding of capital of up to $1 million annually without needing to register the shares for public trading with the Securities and Exchange Commission. … Continued