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How Has Idea Management Changed Since IdeaScale Launched?

how has idea management changed

IdeaScale was recently interviewed as part of the 97th Floor Mastermind Series. The questions ranged across a variety of subjects like how we hired our first few team members to our thoughts about the future of innovation management. But some of the questions made us think about how idea management has changed since we launched. … Continued

APIs are at the Heart of Open Data

IdeaScale is glad to be hosting a webinar next week about how our API is generating new innovation solutions in different use case scenarios. IdeaScale’s webinar will cover many different integration and data use scenarios, but here are three key areas where APIs are often applied: Integrations: Whether developers are accessing our API to display … Continued

IdeaScale profits on LiveChat integration with Highrise CRM

by Szymon Klimczak @ August 9, 2011 After last month’s interview with Sam from Webitecture, today we have another customer telling us his story. Read about running a Software as a Service company, sales and support benefits from having live chat on the website and advantages of LiveChat-Highrise integration. John Basile is responsible for Business … Continued