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Announcing the 2016 Innovation Management Award Winners

Having received some fantastic entries, we have officially chosen and are extremely pleased to share our winners for the 2016 Innovation Management Awards. And because we got so many great submissions, for the first time ever, we have also selected runner ups for each category! City of Calgary—Best Engagement Strategy The City of Calgary is … Continued

One More Week to Submit to the Innovation Management Awards

As we wrap up this election cycle, another deadline is right around the corner – the deadline for submissions to the 2016 Innovation Management Awards! If you’re still debating whether you should submit, or if you’ve already submitted your organization and are awaiting the results, here are some of the lessons that we’ve learned from … Continued

What Makes a Good Innovation Management Award Submission?

Submissions are now open for the 2016 Innovation Management Awards, but how do you know if you’re a good fit and you should submit your organization? What makes a good Innovation Management Award submission? Let’s take a glance at some of the past winners to glean if they have something in common that would be … Continued

Innovation Management Awards 2016 Are Open!

Think you have a unique and successful strategy for engaging with your community? Or perhaps you feel like you’ve cornered the market on moderating your community and the resulting ideas? Maybe you have a truly groundbreaking new product or process? If any of these fit with your organization this year, enter your team for the … Continued

Innovation Management Awards Focus on Inclusivity, Quality of Life

Although it may be difficult to remember, try to think back to last year—a whole month ago—when we announced our 2015 Innovation Management Award winners. Back then, we pointed out two commonalities between our three winners, two things that they focused on when engaging in their crowdsourcing campaigns: inclusivity and transparency, and an improvement in … Continued