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Election 2016: Do We Need to Change Our Process?

election 2016

However you felt about the results of the 2016 election, one thing is clear: our nation is still demonstrating a fierce divide. Only four times before in our nation’s history has our winner reflected an electoral selection but not the popular vote. There’s a lot being written about this phenomenon and I don’t pretend to … Continued

A Brief History of Open Government

Open government is based upon the idea that governments function better when citizens play an active role in creating policy. Crucial to this type of engagement is the availability and accessibility of government data. When citizens have access to what’s happening in their town, state, or country, they can hold elected officials accountable for their … Continued

Why Are Citizens Uniquely Suited to Solve State Problems

As we venture further into this Presidential election year, we will hear the old refrain more and more: my vote doesn’t matter. I’m only one person, what difference could I make? The answer is: a big difference! While it’s harder to make the case for a single vote in a national election, it’s easier to … Continued

What’s the most important piece of advice that you can give to someone launching an IdeaScale community?

At IdeaScale, we host the annual innovation management awards in order to honor the accomplishments of some truly groundbreaking organizations, but also so that some of our smartest clients can share their best practices with others. This year, we honored the accomplishments of Making All Voices Count, Western Australia Police, and Innovate Your State and … Continued