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The Crowd and Hurricane Sandy Recovery

As someone who originally hails from New England, I paid particular attention to Hurricane Sandy’s path up the coast last month. I received pictures and updates from my family when they weren’t without power and when they did have internet access, I kept an eye on a Sandy tumblr blog, and was constantly refreshing my … Continued

Superman’s Hospital Tour

Wouldn’t it be nice if play and passion were a part of your daily work? That is the way that Dustin Dorough is approaching his indiegogo campaign. Dorough proposes to travel to 48 US States and two Canadian provinces (about 15,000 miles in 100 days) dressed as Superman to cheer up young patients. He’s prepared … Continued

Why Karen Klein?

At this point, most people know who Karen Klein is. This 68 year-old bus monitor who lived in everyday anonymity until just a few weeks ago is now being honored with red carpet strolls and guest spots on The Today Show. Karen Klein, however, rode a slingshot to all of this after enduring cruel and … Continued

Anatomy of a Campaign: Sharing Crowdfunding Lessons Learned

Recently the Consumer Media Network posted a blog article by Chris Becker entitled “Crowdfunding: Getting the Most Out of Your Project” which tracked the lessons learned after launching his own Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The tips and insights included thoughts on which materials to use to promote your project and how to track and promote the … Continued