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How Should Your Business Find the Next Big Thing?

Find the Next Big Thing

Disruptive or incremental innovation? In pop culture, the story of innovation is sudden as a brilliant idea arrives in a flash of genius. The reality of innovation is usually far less dramatic, with hundreds of people at dozens of companies chipping away at a rock and discovering, to their surprise, that all those years of … Continued

How To Build Products for the Future

Build Products for the Future

In his podcast interview with Krista Tippett, Seth Godin articulated a new way of thinking in this changing economy in which we are living. We’ve gone from the industrial age where the goal was to capture as much of the market as possible to our present time where the goal is not so much the … Continued

The Business Case for Incremental Innovation

Business Case for Incremental Innovation

Innovation can start small and snowball over time. Does innovation have to be enormous and grandiose? We often like to fondly remember world-changing innovations as just that, but that ignores all the good ideas that were overhyped, poorly implemented, and quickly forgotten. Remember the hype around the Segway? Innovation doesn’t have to be, and sometimes … Continued