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3 Tactics that Make Innovation Management Easier

IdeaScale learns from all its best customers, but in our latest interview with Redwood Credit Union we learned three things that make innovation management easier: Pre-Populate Your Campaign. When RCU launched their first campaign that asked for ideas that would help improve the member experience, they seeded that campaign with ideas that they had received … Continued

Five Tips for Selling Your Executive Team on Crowdsourcing’s Value

selling your executive team on crowdsourcing

Get everyone on board with crowdsourcing. Why do companies resist crowdsourcing? It’s a tough question, and if you’re looking to boost crowdsourcing as a solution, it can seem a tough obstacle to overcome. The trick, however, is knowing why there’s resistance and having a good explanation for it. Here are five common objections to crowdsourcing … Continued

How Crowdsourcing is Enhancing the Healthcare Sector


Many perspectives make for smarter medicine. In 2013, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation took a step that many found surprising: creating a prize and asking the world to reengineer the condom. It was fodder for late-night shows, people made jokes about Bill Gates endorsing major condom brands, and then the world moved on. But … Continued

How to Foster a Culture of Innovation at Your Company


Your business is in it to win it. Winning consistently over decades takes constant work on your innovation strategy, because things change. When people gave up their buggies for cars, horseshoe salesmen had to embrace tires and spark plugs or starve. When news migrated from print to online outlets, newspaper journalists had to immigrate along … Continued