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Holiday Incentives – Let’s Get Festive!

Holiday Incentives - Let’s get festive

  The holiday season is a great time to crowdsource, because creativity will be at its peak when people mix at holiday parties and share new ideas. But, it’s also a challenging time for engagement because there are plenty of competing priorities. To capture the energy of holiday season with lots of ideas, we recommend: … Continued

7 Ways to Keep Innovation Strong Over the Holidays

7 Ways to Keep Innovation Strong Over the Holidays

The holidays are often a time when organizations slow down, employees take a vacation or mentally check out, and innovation declines. Often times, the focus shifts to what will be done in the new year, and as a result, an entire month of productivity can be lost. If you want to keep innovation strong in … Continued

Four Thanksgiving Firsts That Spurred Innovation

It’s that time of year again, when turkeys and pumpkin pies fill our dreams, and parades with building-sized balloons fill our streets. In that spirit, here are four innovative Thanksgiving firsts: 1. Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln issued the first Thanksgiving Proclamation, creating a national day of thanks. This proclamation was the precedent … Continued

This Holiday Season: Kids Helping Kids

As the Indiegogo campaign will tell you, Alyssa Verruto decided when she was eight years old that her holiday project was going to be raising money for a local orphanage in her town. She wanted to be able to buy toys for children in need. So, each year, both Alyssa and her sister celebrate the … Continued

The Crowd Delivers the Best Holiday Fares

The holidays are upon us. Hopefully, you’re happily ensconced in a friends and family image reminiscent of a Grant Wood painting. Hopefully your holidays won’t include scenes of intense and stressful holiday travel. But if you’ve got to cross one coast to another this season (like I do) or farther (thank goodness, I don’t) it … Continued