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Four Real-World Examples of Innovation in Healthcare

Examples of Innovation in Healthcare

Innovation is changing how we care for each other. Healthcare is constantly in the news as an industry, and if you pay attention, what most catches attention is how desperately it needs innovation. Whether it’s the paperwork in the backend or the need for powerful solutions to complex public health problems, innovation platforms are finding … Continued

Key Goals from the DREAMS Innovation Challenge

Though significant progress has been made globally in stemming the increase of HIV and AIDS, and in lowering the misconceptions and stigma associated with the infections, unfortunately there are some areas of the world where this education and outreach is more challenging. Of new HIV infections, 71% of those among adolescents are of girls and … Continued

World AIDS Day: Sharing the Strategy

Today is World AIDS Day – a day established by the World Health Organization back in 1988 in order to focus attention worldwide on HIV/AIDS.  When HIV/AIDS was first diagnosed back in the 1980’s it was considered lethal, an automatic death sentence. Now, after three decades of education, research, and response, there is some good … Continued