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Innovation Health: 3 Keys to a Fit Enterprise

Innovation Health: 3 Keys to a Fit Enterprise

Developing innovation health in your organization is a matter of keeping innovative product development moving throughout each year. Innovation health will ensure that as the marketplace changes and your customers’ needs evolve, you’ll be ready to meet each need and challenge with new ideas and processes. Innovation Health Key 1: An Innovation Process  When you … Continued

3 Ways Crowdsourcing is Innovating Health Care

Health care should be a pinnacle of innovation. A constantly improving juncture of best practices in care, research, and technological advancements. Unfortunately, too many patients’ health care appears stagnant. A lack of transparency coupled with ever-increasing costs for treatment in nations like the United States and a disconnected in knowledge base between patients and providers, have … Continued

Solutions with Lasting Impact

Last May Forbes magazine posed the question: “could the crowd possibly provide the cure to cancer?” in an article that covered a number of cure-sourcing projects including Pink Army and Cancer Commons. And that was before GE’s most recent healthymagination challenge which is investing more than $100 million in rewards for crowdsourced innovations in the … Continued