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Add Rocket Fuel to Your Innovation Process with Gamification

process with gamification

Improve your innovation process with gamification. The ideal moment in any innovation process is when innovating becomes fun. But it’s tricky to take something that, while rewarding, is still work and get the joy out of it. That’s where gamification comes in, and it can blast your innovation onto a whole new plane. What Is … Continued

Top Ten Innovations That Came From Gamification


Playing Video Games, aka “gaming,” has become a popular way to spend free time.  Because of this popularity, many companies have found a way to use this hobby for everyone’s benefit. Gamification is applying gaming techniques, such as point scoring, competition, etc, to non-gaming environments.  In general, it is basically making something that used to … Continued

Incentivizing & Gamifying Innovation

One of the most exciting trends currently being utilized in pursuit of innovation is the incentivizing and gamifying of participation. Not only is it helpful and successful for the organizations which are using these strategies, it’s also great for participants who get to reap the rewards of their good ideas. KANE, a third-party logistics provider … Continued

Hot Topic: Community Engagement

IdeaScale often receives questions about best practices and ideas for generating exciting community engagement. The questions go something like this: -How do you get people to join a community? -How do you get members to contribute to a community? -How do you keep them coming back? -How do you up-level the quality of contributions that … Continued