How to Make the Most of Your Trip to SXSW

We know you’ll be working hard at SXSW, and your dance card is already filling up. You’re a marketing maven, a conquistador of connections, and a member of the innovation [...]

How to Make the Most of Your Trip to SXSW2022-04-05T20:51:41+00:00

Veronica Mars: Crowdfunding By Numbers

Let’s talk a little about crowdfunding history.  It was made last week and was enormously gratifying if you were a television nerd of my ilk. Yes, I’ll admit that I’m [...]

Veronica Mars: Crowdfunding By Numbers2022-04-05T20:47:44+00:00

Crowdsourcing for the King of Pop

Michael Jackson, though gone for two years now, has left behind a tangible legacy. According to Wikipedia, as many as 1 billion people watched the memorial service following his death [...]

Crowdsourcing for the King of Pop2022-04-05T20:44:39+00:00

Lost and Found

Digitizing information has become a goal for a number of archivists. It preserves many invaluable artifacts and offers us specific information that can be made available to the public. And [...]

Lost and Found2022-04-05T20:44:38+00:00