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Is There Such a Thing As a Bad Idea in Innovation?

Bad Idea in Innovation

Is there ever such a thing as a truly bad idea? Does anybody really believe that there are no bad ideas? After all, the Darwin Awards feature, for example, a thief who thinks nothing of resting a metal ladder on power cables before attaching jumper cables to them to try and restore power to his … Continued

Lessons My Children Have Taught Me About Innovation

children and innovation

As a father of three I deal with my children daily.  My wife and I get the awesome opportunity of raising these children together and trying to make sure they turn into good people.  However, sometimes I find myself learning more from them then they do from me. Here are the lessons I learned about … Continued

Are Japanese Companies Afraid of Innovation?

How do you define innovation? I define innovation as creating and capturing new value as the Global Innovation Management Institute does.  We asked 930 companies in Japan the exact same question. Surprisingly, 0 companies had defined innovation for their company! Of course, there is no right or wrong answer, but we’ve been asking if shows … Continued

Innovation and Failure: Learning the Route to Success

Learning from Failure

Entrepreneurship and Failure Many people look at failure as a complete negative. I like to think of failures as the route to innovation. The keys to innovation from failure are to have a culture around dealing with and accepting failures, failing fast, and learning from the failure. So how do we go about learning from … Continued

Common Innovation Pitfalls


Recently, IdeaScale’s own Jeff Wong wrote about how he knows first-time innovators will be successful. Unfortunately, there’s also a flip side to that coin. Here are a handful of common mistakes I see first-time innovators making. 1. No communications plan. A successful innovation effort requires a well-thought-out, cradle-to-grave communications plan. Build pre-launch buzz, hit the … Continued