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Introducing YourSay Show: A Real-World Adventure Game

YourSay Show is a social real-world adventure game that caters to the crowd. Except instead of keeping the game in the virtual world, its impact extends into the real world. Players start by entering ideas for what they would do with $5,000, then those players earn points by voting for ideas they like and try … Continued

IdeaScale Facebook Page

Facebook, the social networking monolith of our times is always updating their stats, but I recently ran across an interesting infographic from Infographic Labs that showcases some surprising highlights, including: -That Zynga accounted for 12% of Facebook’s total revenue last year. -That more than 250 million photos are uploaded on a daily basis. -And that … Continued

Monetizing Facebook Fans: The Cash Cow Waiting to be Milked

Social media, and especially Facebook, have become essential business tools for communicating with customers. Some companies have even transferred huge portions of their advertising budgets from traditional media to social media. Pepsi, for example, replaced its television ads with the $20 million social media campaign Pepsi Refresh, but a considerable slip in Pepsi’s sales has … Continued