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The Seven Best Practices for Enterprise Innovation Management

Best Practices for Enterprise Innovation Management

Strong leadership is key to enterprise innovation. Enterprise products are a complicated sector of any industry. An enterprise product not only must be all things to all stakeholders, it must also meet exactingly high standards, which can vary widely from industry to industry. Creating an innovation strategy that lets you push your industry forward without … Continued

How to Execute on Ideas

How to Execute on Ideas

As we’ve discussed before, once you’ve arrived at a clear decision, it is critical to act on the decision. A common pitfall at this point is inaction. Too many ideas reach decision, only to lay fallow without action. Inaction results in effort wasted, opportunities missed, and value lost for your organization.  Implementing ideas is the … Continued

What is an Idea Worth?

what is an idea worth

The world of ideas is vast, but what’s their value? What’s the value of an idea? What makes an idea truly valuable? It’s a more practical answer than you might think. What’s An Idea Worth? There is an old adage that there’s nothing new under the sun and it is, to some degree, true. We’ve all … Continued