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What Makes a Great Idea!?

what makes a great idea

Our CEO was recently interviewed by the San Francisco Business Times and asked a number of thought-provoking questions about innovation: what sorts of companies struggle with innovation, why is it hard to get an innovation program started, and more. But one of the questions that I found most interesting is trying to describe “what makes … Continued

5 Trends that Will Impact Your Innovation Strategy in 2017

trends that will impact your innovation strategy

2017 offers new frontiers in innovation. Innovation stops for nothing, and often changes everything. But innovation and change are not simple cause and effect: Often trends can affect how, in what industries, and where we innovate. What are the trends that will impact your innovation strategy in 2017? Anti-AI Sentiment Human beings have never liked … Continued

How Do Emerging Trends Impact Your Business


Earlier this year, Uber announced that it would be testing self-driving cars in Pittsburgh. While this is obviously not the first foray into self-driving vehicles—Google, Mercedes, and Tesla, among others, all have fairly public initiatives in this area—it IS the first instance of a self-driving car-sharing program. It sounds as though this is a test … Continued