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An Innovation Lexicon

Innovation lexicon

Innovation means different things to different people. Sometimes it’s hard to have a good conversation about innovation, because people understand the concept in very different ways. Let’s start with a general definition that states “Innovation is something new and useful” incorporates both the concepts of novelty and value. Of course questions arise: What things? How … Continued

Why are there so many different innovation definitions?

innovation definitions

How do you foster an innovative workplace? Are you looking to develop products or programs? Are you interested in increasing quality of life, or are you interested in increasing efficiency and decreasing costs? These are all questions that you have to answer when considering engaging in innovation. There can be many different answers to these … Continued

The Crowdsourced Dictionary

Just because we say it, doesn’t make it a word. I say a lot of things that shouldn’t be integrated into the common vernacular. But isn’t that the measure of a language? Usage? As we’ve discussed before, it’s actually a pretty long process to get a word into the dictionary. And yet, the Collins dictionary … Continued