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5 Signs You Need an Idea Management Solution

Signs You Need an Idea Management Solution

Not everyone knows the opportunities associated with idea management software, so sometimes it’s hard to make a case to adopt it at your company. But here are a few of the signs that you’re ready for an idea management solution: You’re Falling Behind the Competition. Other key players (or new kids on the block) are … Continued

Clarify How Decisions Are Made

How Decisions Are Made

I recently read a book called Crucial Conversations. In the chapter called “Move to Action,” the authors describe four methods for decision-making. Command Also known as the “executive decision.” This is when an authority or delegate makes a unilateral decision. This is appropriate when the decision must be driven primarily by the executive’s unique insight … Continued

Who Makes the Decisions in Crowdsourcing?

Who makes the decisions in crowdsourcing?

You will likely engage your experts and authorities at the earliest stages or your program through discussion. These are the people who know a great deal about the subject matter of the campaigns and can give you strong feedback on your problem statement and criteria for success. And these are the people who must agree … Continued