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6 Key Points To Understand About A Crowdsourcing Platform

Crowdsourcing offers a fantastic avenue into a wealth of information that might not otherwise be accessible. Through crowdsourcing you have instant access to a wide range of views and opinions, sometimes these offer unique solutions or perspectives on problems your organization has encountered, at other times some form of “averaging” out these responses offers a … Continued

The Difficulty of Building a Crowd

“The hardest part of crowdsourcing is to achieve critical mass and sustain the volume and activity of the crowd.” – Jeff Howe Journalist and crowdsourcing advocate Jeff Howe hit the nail on the head with his above quote. One of the things we hear most often from the crowdsourcing community is the difficulty of not … Continued

The Wisdom of Crowdsourcing

In 1906, British scientist Francis Galton took a day trip to the country fair that would uncover a principle critical to the idea of crowd-listening. It was the heyday of social Darwinism, and Galton believed very little in the common man; he was of the opinion that only proper breeding and the preservation of power … Continued

4 Lessons Learned from IdeaScale’s OI Awards

One of the most important reasons that IdeaScale hosts the IdeaScale Open Innovation Awards is to be able to learn, share, and develop industry-leading best practices that we can share with our subscribers our the broader innovation community. We learned a lot from our winners last year, because the layered creativity on top of standard … Continued

Successful Citizen Engagement: How to Scale “Town Hall”

There is a growing trend of involving the crowd in public decision making. This practice has already been proven out in the private sector, where crowdsourcing has been used to solve longstanding issues, ranging from suggested feature improvements for mobile applications to reducing maternal mortality with technology. The idea of involving the public isn’t new, … Continued