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One More Week to Submit to the Innovation Management Awards

As we wrap up this election cycle, another deadline is right around the corner – the deadline for submissions to the 2016 Innovation Management Awards! If you’re still debating whether you should submit, or if you’ve already submitted your organization and are awaiting the results, here are some of the lessons that we’ve learned from … Continued

Innovating for Small Business Saturday

Innovating for Small Business Saturday

Could a single day make the difference in your entire year? When it comes to Small Business Saturday, the answer is definitely yes. On November 26, 2016, you’ll have a unique opportunity to capitalize on small business shoppers in your area. Innovating for a successful Small Business Saturday can improve your bottom line – especially … Continued

Non-Profit Crowdsourcing: Going Beyond Crowdfunding

Non-Profit Crowdsourcing: Going Beyond Crowdfunding

When you think about using crowdsourcing for your non-profit, what do you think of? If you’re like many program managers and directors, you think about fundraising. While crowdfunding – the money side of crowdsourcing – can certainly be effective, it’s important to expand your vision. Non-profit crowdsourcing goes well beyond crowdfunding. Non-profit volunteers and your … Continued

Win a Free Innovation Consultation

Innovation can breathe new life into any organization, but it’s not always a smooth ride when implementing an innovation program. There can be many obstacles along the way. Here are three big stumbling blocks that are encountered when enacting innovation programs, and an opportunity for a free innovation consultation! 1. Lack of planning. One of the … Continued

Where to Look for Sustainability Solutions

In today’s world, the market is more competitive than almost ever before. Consumers have so many options when it comes to goods and services that they focus more on the “best of” above all else. In order to maintain sustainability as a business, companies must be adaptable and flexible in an ever-changing, adapting marketplace. Whereas … Continued