Top 5 Advantages of Crowdsourced Innovation Management

Hundreds of years ago, only those who belonged at the top of the career ladder had access to information and research and development. There was little interaction with employees since management expected them [...]

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Driving Technology Innovation Using Crowdsourcing

Studies show that speed-to-market is positively correlated with new product success. It’s important to execute a time-based technology innovation strategy in an unfamiliar, emerging, or rapidly-evolving market.  Today’s technology market [...]

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Top 5 Features in 2015

And that’s a wrap on yet another year. They seem to go by so quickly, don’t they? The time moves even more swiftly when you have great tools that help [...]

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Freedom to Fail

“I love it when I fail!” Have you ever heard anyone say those words? Not likely. However, recent studies and statistics have revealed that, rather than view our failures as [...]

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2015 Innovation Management Awards Are Open!

Have you fostered a high level of engagement in your community using new and innovative methods? Have you raised the bar for best practices in moderation of your community? Or [...]

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Crowdfunding’s Greatest Successes

Every day, crowdfunding sites are put to use for new and innovative purposes. Eminently recognizable sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, and smaller, more specialized entities like GoFundMe and Patreon are [...]

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