Customers We Love

One of the best things about working at IdeaScale is the variety of customers, use cases, and success stories that you hear about. But recently, our work with the Commission [...]

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Have You Read Adam Grant’s Originals?

At IdeaScale, the employees like to encourage an atmosphere of  continuous learning about innovation by  hosting book clubs that relate to our industry. Earlier this year, we read Adam Grant’s [...]

Have You Read Adam Grant’s Originals?2021-02-25T21:13:20+00:00

Four Ways to Improve Your Creative Confidence

So, your company is investing in innovation, but do you lack the confidence to be creative? A 2017 Crowdsourced Innovation Report published by IdeaScale noted that more and more companies [...]

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Five Tips for Truly Opening Your Mind

Innovative thinking requires work. Here's where to start. Can you truly change the way you think? We all have “thinking patterns,” ways and methods we tend to approach problems that [...]

Five Tips for Truly Opening Your Mind2022-04-05T20:39:50+00:00

Brainstorming with IdeaScale

In my previous blog post, I discussed blue sky ideation. In this blog post, I'll discuss how we can draw from brainstorming techniques to configure IdeaScale to support your organization [...]

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