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A Love Note to Lurkers


There was a lot of talk at this year’s Open Nation about the number of lurkers in IdeaScale communities: those community members who sign on, create a profile and view pages, but then don’t take further action like suggesting ideas, reviewing ideas, refining ideas, etc. For those of you familiar with the 90-9-1 rule of … Continued

Creating Innovation Value

Creating Innovation Value

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, researchers Peder Inge Furseth and Richard Cuthbertson discuss their findings from a review of innovation case studies from corporate leaders such as Borders, Amazon, Apple, Xerox, and Kodak. They’ve found that oftentimes, companies spend more time and resources building out their innovation capacity, but not actually building out … Continued

Can Ideation Build Community?

Build Community

Ideas pull us together. The history of communities shows they’re formed around ideas. Those ideas can be anything from colonizing space to just the idea that this particular place on the ocean would make a good port, but underlying any community is a strong idea. And gathering and refining ideas can be a good way … Continued

70 Creative Reward Suggestions

No matter what you’re using your ideation or crowdsourcing community for, it’s proven that using incentives can improve not only the level of engagement, but also the quality of the content that’s submitted there. We recently hosted a webinar on the subject of the most effective rewards in ideation communities. However, implementing incentive programs is … Continued