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Top Resources for Driving Engagement

driving engagement

A key goal at Open Nation this year was to share best practices and top resources for driving engagement. To prepare for Open Nation, our team collected and shared some of our favorite resources on community engagement strategies. Now, we want to share them with you: Webinar: How to Engage the Crowd Take home message: … Continued

What Can’t the Crowd Do?

The margin of things that you have to do without the crowd seems to be slimming. They can run your errands, perform your music, and author you a book in emoji. People are parceling out tasks and learning what it truly means to micro-manage on a macro level, because of the success of crowdsourcing. And … Continued

Self-Service Customer Communities

Please enjoy this guest blog about self-service customer communities by Ashley Furness of Software Advice. Crowdsourcing covers a wide range of initiatives and industries; from fundraising to outsourcing piecemeal tasks. But, hopefully, each effort is about better serving the needs of the network that’s participating in the discussion. One of the ways that crowdsourcing helps … Continued

Community Care: Doctors and Patients Find Support in the Crowd

Slowly but surely, the medical profession is embracing crowdsourcing as a way to access larger quantities of information. Crowdsourcing medical contests have spurred on innovations in hard-to-treat diseases like ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Cancer clinicians and researchers have been developing Cancer Commons, a crowdsourced database of clinical observations and treatment outcomes available … Continued