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Don’t Forget to Write Back

Did you ever have a pen pal in school? I did. I remember sitting down to put pen to paper and always being uncertain where to start the conversation. The format was different than a diary, but I hadn’t yet been introduced to the concept of blogs. It was always so hard to get rolling, … Continued

How do I know if someone will be successful at innovation?

  As part of our innovation strategist team, I get to speak with a lot of first-time innovators. Developing an innovation program for any organization is no easy task and certainly should not fall on any one person. Part of my role is to help those who want guidance on where to begin and put … Continued

Culture First, Innovation Second: 3 Tips to Better Work Culture

Every organization that looks to build a sustained innovation program has to develop an in-house innovation methodology, adopt innovation software, and build a great team, but it also has to create a culture of innovation designed to get the results that they’re looking for. And it’s no surprise that companies with a poor culture, generate … Continued

Creating a Culture of Innovation: Communication Strategies for Innovators Wednesday August 27th, 2014 10:00 AM PDT – 11:00 AM PDT

Many organizations know that in order to remain relevant, they need to continuously innovate. While many groups focus on launching innovation programs, the most successful programs focus on creating a culture where innovation thrives. Join IdeaScale and guest speaker Joe Brummer from Community Mediation, Inc. for a workshop addressing one of innovation’s most common challenges: … Continued

Introducing: IdeaScale InfoComics

IdeaScale likes to communicate with our members in a number of different ways. We send feature updates to our subscribers, we have this blog. We’re on Facebook and Twitter. We’re at local events, we’re at big events like Crowdopolis (register with code IS2012, by the way, and you’ll get a free hotel suite upgrade).  We … Continued