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The Innovation Manager’s Quintessential Reading List

Laptop next to a pile of books.

As an innovation manager, you are always looking for the latest trends. Drawing inspiration from innovators who have come before you is a great way to learn. According to a recent survey, high growth companies apply innovation strategies that look far beyond the immediate future. Of those who participated, 65 percent of organizational leaders said they … Continued

How to Foster Innovation in a Risk-Averse Environment

Risk aversion can make innovation difficult. How do you get around your company’s aversion to risk? There’s only a limited appetite for risk in any company, of course, but where some will enthusiastically embrace it, others hate risk so much even the whiff of it drives them away. So, how do you drive innovation in … Continued

The Silicon Valley Tour of Europe

silicon valley tour of europe

  IdeaScale has been serving customers globally almost since day one. It’s one of the reasons that we prioritized accessibility, ensuring that our app performs in even historically low-bandwidth areas, and multi-lingual capabilities in our product development. We wanted to make sure that anyone, anywhere can share ideas, build on the ideas of others and … Continued

Awaken Your Inner Venture Capitalist

Awaken Your Inner Venture Capitalist

Venture capitalists are good at finding, choosing, and bringing the creative ideas of others to market. They have good judgment about which ideas and value propositions will work. They can project how potential ideas may play out within the organization and in the marketplace. If innovators “pitch” their ideas and value propositions, leaders in the … Continued