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IdeaScale Is Always Evolving, The Crowd is Always Collaborating

Which is why our idea management solution looks a lot different today than it did even a year ago. We’re looking to find new ways to get organizations to talk with their networks and to make real change a collaborative, ongoing process. We believe that it’s not just ideation that is a shared responsibility and process, but idea … Continued

The Top 5 New Features!

IdeaScale prides itself on being a flexible and unique tool that helps numerous companies meet their innovation goals (however disparate the programs might be – from new product development to sustainability planning). To that end, we’ve continued to grow our platform in tandem with the latest innovation practices and needs across all industries. This means that our product has … Continued

It’s Raining Features! A Tour of IdeaScale’s Latest Functionality

For those of you that want to ensure success for 2014’s innovation programs, IdeaScale is offering a complimentary webinar review of all IdeaScale new features on Wednesday, March 19th at 10am PDT. Hosted by IdeaScale and featuring Audrey Zuro, Director of New Business, this conversation will include a tour of IdeaScale new features and their benefits. This includes custom … Continued