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New HBS Study Highlights Innovation Challenges and Opportunities in the Boardroom

opportunities in the boardroom

Innovation must come from both bottom-up and top-down. “Disruption” is so commonplace a word that you practically expect your local preschool to promise to disrupt traditional childcare paradigms. Given this, you’d think that the boards of major companies would be working overtime to put innovation strategy front and center. Yet, a Harvard Business Review survey of … Continued

How to Boost Innovation by Recycling Existing Ideas

Recycling Existing Ideas

When it comes to innovation, businesses can often find it seemingly impossible to generate completely new ideas. In these early stages of product development, it can sometimes seem like all of the good ideas have already been taken. However, maybe we don’t need completely new ideas; simply a reinvention of an old classic. Mark Twain … Continued

Can a CEO Hinder Innovation?

Can a CEO Hinder Innovation

Leaders define their organization. That a CEO could hinder innovation seems counter-intuitive. Isn’t a CEO’s job to lead, to pioneer even when necessary? But depending on the personality and strategy of a CEO, innovation can be harder or easier. So what do you need to know about yourself as a leader, and the leaders you … Continued

Is Myopia the Biggest Threat to Innovation?

threat to innovation

Innovation is all about the ability to see clearly. A lack of clarity can be deadly to companies in any number of ways, but one of the most deadly is how it can choke off innovation. Here are a few case studies and what organizations can learn from them. Kodak Kodak was once the most … Continued

5 Epic Innovation Failures (And What We Can Learn From Them)


Every handshake is the beginning of something great. It just may take longer to get there than you realize. Technological innovation can seem, in hindsight, like a straight line traveled on a clear path. But as you walk down it, you realize the path to brilliance isn’t clear, straight or well-lit, and the road is … Continued