Spigit Competitors

Who are the Spigit competitors?

IdeaScale is part of a competitive and compelling open innovation industry. Over the course of the company’s growth, IdeaScale has encountered numerous open innovation software companies. Among others, Spigit appeared alongside Ideascale as a competitor in the Forrester Report as well as numerous other industry lists. Although there are many similarities shared by Spigit and IdeaScale as competitors, in the end, the company offerings are distinct and IdeaScale’s technology continues to be a top-rated, multi-featured lightweight offering that is quite separate from Spigit’s consultative services.

In fact, this is one of the key difference between Spigit and IdeaScale. It is possible to launch an innovation community within a day at IdeaScale and could take months with the Spigit platform. Another key difference is that IdeaScale is a platform driven by the principle of ease of use. IdeaScale is designed to be a solution that can be instituted by any professional at any organization without needing an in-house professional.

IdeaScale is also dedicated to remaining one of the platforms with the best track record for lowering the barriers to participation. If an open innovation relies on the participation of a large, rich network of participants then it requires tool that allow for large-scale collaboration. In IdeaScale, some of these tools are the translation of user-generated content, social integration, and Section 508 compliance to name a few. In this way, no one is left out of the innovation process and it is possible to benefit from a wide range of voices.

Finally, IdeaScale has developed a number of tools for administrators on the back end that are dedicated to helping innovation teams make smart decisions. Not only can innovation teams explore opportunities, generate ideas, optimize those ideas, they can select and fund the best ideas that they then deliver to their network.


The innovation widget can to be added to any online experience (websites, intranet pages, ecommerce platforms, and more) so that members can participate in ideation from any digital environment.

Targeted Polling

Administrators can easily create a poll that presents to every member at login in order to gather valuable, question-specific data.

Smart Tagging

Users and moderators can publicly or privately tag ideas in order segment conversation and organize ideas

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