Spigit Alternatives

IdeaScale is the largest player in the open innovation software industry. Over the course of the company’s evolution, IdeaScale has been able to compete with many of the usual suspects on issues of company solvency, feature offerings, service, pricing, and more. Spigit is a common industry competitor, which featured in the IDC, Info-Tech and Forrester idea management software reports, but although IdeaScale and Spigit share some common characteristics IdeaScale’s product-forward offering makes it one of the top-rated, lightweight, high value for cost software products that are out there in the field of open innovation.

Idea Ownership

Idea ownership allows community members to volunteer to research and implement ideas.

Group Based Moderation

Administrators can assign capability or responsibility-based roles to specific community members and content with matching data will automatically be routed to those members.

Basecamp Integration

IdeaScale integrates with Basecamp in order to facilitate embedded project management practices.

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