Social Change and How the Network Contributes

Innovation is something that we need to see across all industries and disciplines. We always have, we always will. And perhaps one of the most important ways that we can share and apply knowledge is in the field of social change and welfare.

UNICEF has introduced the Innovate for Children initiative – an online platform where UNICEF shares their challenges and asks for assistance in making a real difference in the world.

Some of the challenges that UNICEF is currently looking for help with are increasing the reliability of birth registration or eliminating pneumonia child death. Each of these challenges has an individual profile where users can comment and suggest.

I am pleased to see UNICEF engaging their crowd of supporters this way, but it also reminds me of the World Cerebral Palsy Day initiative in which WCPD supporters could not only view challenges and submit ideas, they could vote on the suggestions of others. To date, the IdeaScale WCPD has seen nearly 500 suggestions with suggestion leaders including a waterproof wheelchair and voice activated GPS. Additionally, if a user feels that they can contribute to an idea’s production, they can simply click “I can invent this” – contributing not just to the innovation process, but to the realization process as well.

How else can a network serve children? What is most important to consider when introducing innovation systems for social change?

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