Innovation Management

Spigit Competitors

Who are the Spigit competitors? IdeaScale is part of a competitive and compelling open innovation industry. Over the course of the company’s growth, IdeaScale has encountered numerous open innovation software companies. Among others, Spigit appeared alongside Ideascale as a competitor in the Forrester Report as well as numerous other industry lists. Although there are many … Continued

Innovation Software

What is innovation software? Innovation software is technology that supports the innovation lifecycle. This means that it is possible to gather great ideas, build on them, evaluate them without ever leaving the innovation software experience. It has numerous other capabilities, including allowing individuals and organizations to securely tap into the ideas and inspirations of both open and … Continued

Innovation Challenge

What is an innovation challenge? Nowadays it is possible to reach the entire digital world and solicit their help in solving longstanding problems. Any organization can simply set a question and judging criteria and ask the entire world for their help. Once these innovators and thinkers have shared their ideas, judges assess a shortlist of promising … Continued

Management of Innovation

For organizations like GE, P&G, and Visa, the management of innovation is the secret to their success. A management breakthrough can deliver a strong advantage to the innovating company and produce a major shift in industry leadership. It’s best to come up with a formal process for fostering management innovation just as these companies have … Continued

Education Innovation

What is education innovation? Education innovation is the process by which educators at every level seek out the next significant, positive change that will shape the next generation of education. How can IdeaScale be used for education innovation? IdeaScale connects education institutions with the people who matter most: their educators, their students, their faculty, and … Continued