Innovation Management

Innovation Management Defined and Explained

If you’re not innovating, you’re stagnating. That’s the reality that businesses of all sectors are confronting daily. And while many decision-makers recognize the importance of innovation, many fail to create the structured framework needed to ensure long-term business success. That’s where innovation management comes in. Innovation Management Defined and Explained As the term implies, innovation … Continued

Product Development Collaboration

Involving customers in the development process is no longer an optional strategy. In fact, in a February 2014 presentation, Herman Wories made a statement about the role of innovation: “Innovation is no longer a competitive advantage: it’s a competitive necessity. In order to keep up, you need to continuously innovate.” So customers (and employees of innovative companies) … Continued


What is innovation? Innovation is the introduction of significant, positive change and it can impact a number of different aspects of an organization. It can help the enterprise improve existing or offer new products that generate new revenue streams. It can help organizations develop new processes that help businesses save money. It can help optimize … Continued

Change Management

What is change management? Change management is the process by which businesses and government entities identify great opportunities for change and make those ideas into organizational realities. How can you use IdeaScale for change management? IdeaScale is change management software that allows businesses to ask for great ideas that can come from anywhere and then identify … Continued

Change Management Software

Change management facilitates change without chaos and disruption without upheaval. What is change management software? Change management software is a technology solution that empowers any organization to find the best ideas and then make those ideas into business realities. Change management can be the stewardship of small or large changes, but change management software supports … Continued