Idea Management

Ideation Software

What is ideation? Ideation is the process of generating and collecting ideas. These ideas can often be uploaded and shared through a cloud-based system where the ideas are further developed by community collaborators who also help to co-author ideas in this way. What is ideation software? Ideation software is technology that supports company ideation or brainstorming … Continued

Idea Management App

Ideas are a precious commodity, possibly a business’s most valuable asset. They need a place to grow, a place to be nurtured, and a place to be organized for implementation. The way to manage those ideas requires an app that can scale to a high volume of inspiration. IdeaScale is an idea management app that … Continued

Ideas Management Tool

Companies that are dedicated to the collection and implementation of ideas need an ideas management tool like IdeaScale in order to take a rich amount of complex information and organize it into actionable data capable of saving businesses time and money. IdeaScale allows members to suggest, comment, and vote and then businesses can take that … Continued

Management Software That

Management software that gathers employee or customer ideas is important to the generation of new concepts that can help bring businesses to the next level. Managers that connect with their employees and seek their opinions and input will often fine that they have much more satisfied employees who are far more likely to evangelize for … Continued

Management Software

The best form of management is one that engages with every level of the business in a scalable fashion. IdeaScale is a management tool that can be used to track employee ideas and opinions at every level and then turn that information into prioritized, actionable data. Members of either a private or public community type … Continued