Feedback Software

Collaboration Software

What is collaboration software? Collaboration software is technology that allows networks of all kinds to connect and work together on great ideas. Communities need to do more than just generate ideas, they need to collaborate to build on, refine, and bring ideas to life.  To do that in the business world requires software that takes a … Continued

Feedback Forum

 Connect to employees, customers, stakeholders and others in feedback forums that help make open innovation possible. What is a feedback forum? At its most fundamental – a feedback forum is a place where communication and collaboration takes place that helps to improve products, processes, organizations, and markets. IdeaScale allows anyone to create a feedback forum to … Continued

Digital Government

IdeaScale has been providing digital idea management for federal, state, and local government since the launch of the open government initiatives.With IdeaScale, organizations can reach out and gather ideas from employees or citizens and find ways to truly improve services and policy. This is in line with all digital government engagement. For more information about … Continued

Feedback Software

What is feedback software? Feedback software is used to collect ideas, suggestions, or even problems from your customers online or within your current software application. But rather than simply amassing a list of problems, IdeaScale begins to build a community of ideas that can be harvested for future iterations of the product. It also allows … Continued

User Feedback

What is user feedback? User feedback is the collection and organization of user-based suggestions, ideas, and sentiment. That information is often used to develop product roadmaps, assess the future of a business, and more. This can also be used for citizen feedback on government policies, states, and more. However, some platforms serve both user feedback and … Continued