Continuous Improvement

What is Continuous Improvement? Continuous Improvement is a process used to improve products or services on an incremental basis. It is unique in that it aims to reduce waste and streamline work. “W. Edwards Deming, a pioneer of the field, saw it as part of the ‘system’ whereby feedback from the process and customer were … Continued

Idea Software

  What is Idea Software? Idea software allows your company to collect and analyze ideas within your enterprise in an organized fashion. The process of implementing a crowdsourcing tool takes a team of administrators that help you to navigate the process seamlessly.   The Lifecycle of Innovation Idea software allows its users to see the … Continued

Community Engagement Software

When was the last time you sat in on a town hall meeting? Or attended a board meeting for your local bus company? If the answer is a resounding never, there’s good reason for that. Americans work long, and often, inflexible hours that leave little room to take part in decisions that your affect your … Continued

Employee Feedback Software

Crowdsourcing Employee crowdsourcing can be a daunting task. In a race to bring your business up to speed, it’s possible to bite off more than you can chew at one time. At IdeaScale, employee crowdsourcing can be a digestible effort by using our employee feedback software to collect, manage, analyze and implement new ideas from … Continued

Employee Idea Crowdsourcing and Feedback: Why You Should Be Doing It

Ready for a new Conversation with your Employees? Employee crowdsourcing is the cornerstone of any forward-thinking organization, making candid employee feedback the greatest asset an organization can tap into. A tactic that was once limited to pen and paper exit interviews, the early days of employee feedback served little to no value to the organization … Continued