Rewarding Great Behavior

Tesla1IdeaScale had a great time speaking in New York yesterday and we couldn’t be happier to be in such a great group of crowdsourcing fanatics. We’re hearing a lot of great stories and getting some good feedback, so stay tuned for some tip sheets and summaries that we’ll get queued up for the coming weeks.

In addition to our talk yesterday, we also got to show the crowd some of the new rewards badges that we’ve been working on that incentivize preferred community behavior. And now that we’ve pulled back the curtain, we’re glad to introduce some of our new badges (with more to come).


The Striker :

The community member who has had the most amount of ideas moved out of the submission stage.

The Engager:

The community member who has generated the most amount of total activity with their submission (votes up/down, comments, comment votes, shares, etc.)

The Cat Herder:

Awarded to the moderator who has generated the most amount of moderator activity: approving ideas/comments, moving ideas through the idea lifecycle

The Tesla:

The community member who has the most number of ideas moved to completion.

Each of these identities was designed to incentivize key behavior that is central to the success of a vibrant crowdsourcing community. For more insight into what to consider when you’re launching a great crowdsourcing community, read the white paper here.

What did you enjoy best about Crowdopolis? What else should you consider before you launch your community?

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