The Transportation Research Board (TRB) provides innovative, research-based solutions to improve transportation. And in the Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP), members work to provide practical solutions to problems faced by domestic airports. To encourage easier, broader, and more effective participation in research recommendations, ACRP created the  IdeaHub, a web-based tool where participants could collaboratively build “problem statements”.  After registering, anyone can submit an idea, help develop the idea into a quality problem statement, monitor its progress from submission through review, and connect with experts who help refine statements to strengthen the case for industry relevance to justify funding. 

What’s Inside

Learn how the Transportation Research Board

  • Engaged their members in the problem statement refinement process
  • Improved and refined statements with the help of subject matter experts
  • Funded 26 projects with $9 Million in research funding

“Crowd guidance improves the utility and value of the research project ideas that come into the program.”

Mike Salamone, ACRP Research Manager, Transportation Research Board

2018 IM Awards: The Transportation Research Board