If you’re wondering how to keep ideas moving, start with diagnosis, then move to solutions.

Why did ideas build up or get stuck? What can we do to specifically address this?

          Diagnosis – the evaluation panel is overwhelmed with the volume of ideas.

          Solution – Here are a few tactics for lightening the load:

  • Screen: Enlist some innovation champions to evaluate ideas against some minimum requirements. Use a 5 star assessment to make this quick and easy. Moderate ideas with the highest scores to the evaluation panel for a deeper look.  
  • Prioritize: Enlist the entire crowd to surface priority ideas. Make this fun and easy using a pairwise stage. Moderate the ideas that the crowd prioritized to the evaluation panel for a closer look.
  • Ask for commitment: Use the team build stage to ask for volunteers to help implement an idea. Then only advance the ideas that are backed by committed implementers.
  • Divide the work: Enlist lots of campaign or group moderators in order to divide the work of screening ideas. Many hands make light work!


         Diagnosis – there is no process owner for the next step.

         Solution – assign responsibility and distribute the work

  • Campaign-based moderation: Use this feature to give subject matter experts the responsibility of advancing ideas that relate to their expertise.
  • Group-based moderation: Use this feature to give managers or leaders the responsibility of advancing ideas submitted by people under their management.
  • Idea Ownership or Idea Teams: Use this feature to assign an individual or small group to the task of implementing an idea and reporting back to the crowd with the key outcomes or findings. 
  • Get specific: Sometimes, when many people are responsible, no one is responsible. Get specific with moderation assignments by clarifying expectations or even specifying ‘moderation shifts’ during the week. Use the Activity Trends plot in the Engagement Report to track and manage moderator activity.

In this plot, you can see that the moderators were very active it the winter and their activity dipped in the summer. After checking in with them in June and helping them redistribute the workload, the activity had a boost in July.

How to keep ideas moving