Vestas is the world leader in wind energy. With more than 35 years in the wind industry, Vestas has more experience than anyone else in making wind work. Together with our customers, Vestas has installed 76 GW of wind power capacity. This unmatched track record is the backbone of Vestas’ expertise and unrivaled experience powering continuous product improvement and performance optimization.

In the recent years, Vestas has reinforced its focus on innovation. As a part of this, knowledge sharing and idea management were recognized to be drivers in creating an innovation culture. As part of this, Vestas launched the internal community “Ideas @ Vestas” in April 2016 and external community “Innovate with Vestas” in October 2016.

The session focuses on how to obtain engagement in the idea generation communities and how it supports and promotes innovation culture across a large organization.

2016 Open Nation: Innovation with Vestas - Internal & External Engagement Across the Industry