Sustainability Campaign Ideas

You're committed to building a more sustainable business, but you're not sure what's most important. Should you focus on your carbon footprint or do you want ideas around protecting [...]

Sustainability Campaign Ideas2021-04-20T19:29:17+00:00

Vancouver Coastal Health

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) provides health-care services to 1.25 million people across British Columbia through a network of hospitals, primary care clinics, community health [...]

Vancouver Coastal Health2021-03-31T19:01:35+00:00

How to Fail Upwards Without Even Trying

Over the past six years, the University of Sydney TechLab wheeled out nearly every trick in the book in order to drive innovation in the organization. But how can [...]

How to Fail Upwards Without Even Trying2021-03-21T21:32:53+00:00

Crowdsourcing for Good

Learn how nonprofits and public sector organizations make a difference with the help of their crowd.

Crowdsourcing for Good2021-03-22T23:16:31+00:00

From Participant to Start-Up

Learn from CEC #YouthforInnovation Challenge Winners, SoulMUCH. Going from being a user in an IdeaScale competition to an international competition to launching your own start-up. [...]

From Participant to Start-Up2021-03-21T21:22:08+00:00

Metrics that Matter

In government, program evaluation can be an afterthought and often evaluation reports contain copious amounts of what Lean Startup author Eric Ries calls "vanity metrics."  This talk will cover [...]

Metrics that Matter2021-03-21T22:38:47+00:00


Beyond political boundaries and language barriers, the Commission for Environmental Cooperation of North America (CEC) convened a community of young innovators across North America to help meet the shared [...]


From Ideas to Emerging Opportunities

Crowdsourcing creates new data streams at the edge of our current attention. If we can take advantage of them, they are a means to uncover emerging signals and potential [...]

From Ideas to Emerging Opportunities2021-03-21T21:21:38+00:00