Research from our Complimentary Webinar: Beyond the Survey, The Future of Customer Collaboration

While we look forward to the upcoming complimentary webinar tomorrow, we thought it might be fun to share some customer feedback statistics from our research:

79% of companies DO NOT define best practices for utilizing and deriving actionable insights from customer feedback.
Source: Aberdeen Group

70% of customer experience management best-in-class adopters use customer feedback to make strategic decisions.
Source: Aberdeen Group

In 2010, even with evolving and proliferating technologies, the most common channels for customer feedback collection were:

  • Email/online surveys: 51%
  • Phone surveys: 28%
  • Informal customer phone calls: 21%

Source: MarketTools

Customer service is an even more firm bottom line for customers that leave companies: According to Accenture’s 4th Annual Study on Customer Service for the United States, 73% [of customers] report they left a service provider because of poor customer service, versus only 47% who left because of a lower price.
Source: Accenture

People are talking about products and brands: looking at just Twitter alone, one Penn State study found that 20% of tweets were asking about or discussing products.
Source: Penn State study

Learn more about the future of customer feedback and collaboration at our complimentary webinar on October 30th at 9 a.m. PST. Register here.

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