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I was hipped to Fillim through a filmmaker friend of mine who is always working on another short film. I mean, this guy works third shift all night, goes to film school during the day, and all free minutes and weekends are dedicated to creating some new 10-minute fantastical adventure. He loves what he does, so he does it all the time.

And he’d do it whether he was getting paid or not.  But for self-distributing filmmakers like him, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a platform that allowed you at least the OPTION of practically monetizing your art?

That’s what Fillim does. Film auteurs can upload their work and name a download price (how the music industry can one-off their singles on Amazon or iTunes for $.99 profits). The more affordable, the more likely that someone will spend a few bucks on your ten-minute product (Fillim estimates between $2-$5 as the most successful price range). Fillim is also working on building a crowdfunding portion of their site that helps directors build their careers. In this way, the crowd not only interacts with an artist’s work, but their career.

Some things to think about, however, as we wait to see how the Fillim community grows.

-As compared to other crowdfunding ventures, Fillim’s share is substantial, following a 70/30 revenue share model – 30% of the revenue goes in Fillim’s pocket (please see Fillim clarification in the comment below).
-The audience needs to be significant and regularly tuned-in to make it worth it and compete with other modes of artist subsistence. In some ways, it still makes more sense to post your video on YouTube, hope it goes viral, and then start profiting off of the advertising revenue. Right now Fillim reports an expected audience of one million monthly active users. It will be interesting to see how the site traffic really shakes out.

With video swiftly becoming one of the main forms of web content (Cisco predicts that two-thirds of the world’s data traffic will be video by 2016), it’s no surprise that there are new ways of consuming it buffet-style at any time.

What do you think the future of Fillim will be? What do you think of the current user experience?

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  1. Joa McClain (@joamcclain)

    Hi Jessica! … Thanks for the kind words from the team at Fillim.

    I wanted to quickly clarify the info above on Fillim’s crowdfunding feature:

    We won’t be using the 70/30 rev share with crowdfunding.

    The 70/30 revenue share model we have in place is only for the sale of films – 70% to the owner of the film and 30% to Fillim. To join up and upload and sell a film, Fillim is completely free and non exclusive.

    When it comes to the crowdfunding feature, being built as I type, our share will be considerably less. We will be on par and competitive with the major funding sites out there.

    There is a lot more about us in this interview with our co-founder, Dan Solo, on Media Wave –

    Thanks again Jessica.



  2. jessicaday603

    Thanks for the clarification, Joa. Looking forward to seeing the crowdfunding feature in full effect. Lots of great stuff going on and glad to see some more transparency in this industry.


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