5 Big Problems in Organized Innovation

organized innovationWhen someone embeds a dedicated innovation group at their company or organization, there are several different approaches to managing research and idea stewardship and numerous problems to be solved. Identifying organizational objectives, marshaling resources, developing repeatable processes for idea development and testing… but there are a few reasons that people turn to innovation management software to scale the success of their organized innovation program.

Here are the five problem that innovation management software helps innovators solve in large organizations:

  • They don’t have the time to manage ideas on their own. Crowdsourcing helps scale and prioritize the effort of new ideas. Sometimes it even helps them find more resources since people naturally begin to facilitate for and help one another as part of an ideation community.
  • They don’t have enough quality ideas. Transparent, collaborative systems like IdeaScale’s allow ideas to combine, merge, and grow, which guarantee more quality ideas than those available in a closed system.
  • It was difficult to make a business case for ideas. IdeaScale software offers a range of validation measures for good ideas. Is it popular? Does it align to organizational objectives? Can you measure its ROI?
  • They can’t maintain a competitive advantage. Opening up ideation increases the likelihood of finding transformative ideas that will keep a business relevant as opposed to closed systems that have a far lower chance of preventing disruption.
  • They want to impact employee engagement. Introducing a transparent, digital, fast, system like IdeaScale’s helps employees move faster and feel more involved in the life blood of change at an organization. This impacts everything from employee retention to top line revenue growth. Employee engagement or satisfaction scores improve when a system like IdeaScale is successfully implemented.

What problems are you solving using innovation management software?

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