5 Things We’re Looking Forward to at Open Nation 2018, Berkeley

Open Nation 2018 BerkeleyWe’ve talked about 2018’s innovation learning priorities already and how they will inform the agenda at this year’s Open Nation 2018, Berkeley, but I would love to reiterate that I think those themes of engagement, implementation, and innovation ROI are some of the most interesting and complex problems to solve in the innovation space so the content should be stellar. But I thought I’d share some of the other things that have got us revved up for Open Nation 2018!

70% of Open Nation’s Presenters are Women. We all know that women play a crucial role in innovation, but it’s great to see it take center stage this year at Open Nation as these women talk about some of the most intricate and exciting challenges and solutions when it comes to crowdsourced innovation.

Take-Something-Home Workshops. This is the first time that Open Nation has included these hands-on working sessions. In a forty-five minute working group you can either develop a new innovation process that you can upload and use in your IdeaScale community that day or you can create a communications plan to guide outreach in your next campaign. We’re excited to see the results that you’ll be able to use right away.

The Wolters Kluwer Presentation. There are tons of great presentations scheduled (check out the sessions), but I think that the one I’m most excited for is the presentation by Alison Meyerstein of Wolters Kluwer entitled  “From Ideation to Implementation: Managing an Innovation Pipeline as a Team of One.” An unspoken, but common trend in the innovation management space is that innovation champions are often launching these programs on their own and managing them by themselves. Making this program easy-to-manage and automate and still add value is going to speak to a lot of attendees – it’ll be awesome to see Meyerstein approach innovation management from this angle.

Fictiv and Cloudflare Tour Locations. We’ve got some truly innovative companies hosting us this year: Fictiv has been described as the “AirBnB of Manufacturing” where you can rapidly prototype using 3D printing and agile together. And Cloudflare is the leader in online security. Come see the offices of these companies who are at the top of their game.

Innovation you can eat. I don’t want to say too much here, but suffice to say that an idea that started out in an IdeaScale community is now something edible. You’ll be able to sample this delicious treat when you attend.

Register here. Looking forward to seeing you there in just a few short weeks!

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