Open Nation 2015 Highlights

Open NationNearly a year ago, leaders in innovation gathered for Open Nation 2015 to discuss innovation management topics and themes, including social mechanics of open innovation, moderation best practices and processes, strategies for improving innovation culture, the latest IdeaScale configurations, and more.

Two of the organizations presenting were RocketSpace and the NYPD, who shared with us their lessons learned and best practices for innovation management.

Nick Davis, the former Director of Corporate Innovation at RocketSpace focused on how to “act like a startup.” These days, there’s always somebody doing something better and faster. For companies that have been around for a long time, it’s often difficult to innovate and be competitive with the startups that are emerging in the same field. The example that was shared here was Hilton vs. Airbnb. How can Hilton act more like Airbnb, how can Hilton be more lean and agile, in order to remain competitive? One of the things that RocketSpace helps to do, and that IdeaScale assists with, is identifying disruptors in the process to innovation. One of the ways to do this is to give an idea to someone whose role it is to get things to market quickly and incubate ideas, rather than attempting to do so in house with people for whom these skills may not be the strongest.

The NYPD started a pilot program, partially utilizing IdeaScale, in order to get feedback directly from citizens about things that the NYPD could do to help improve quality of life. They were and are specifically focused on engagement and participation. The NYPD is acutely aware of the lack of trust that has been engendered over the past several years especially, and has been actively working to regain that trust. The NYPD has accentuated their social media presence to allow citizens to engage in that way, and to help close the gap between citizens and officers. They now connect with citizens via IdeaScale, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Every commander in the force is on Twitter to address concerns and also share updates about things concerning The NYPD has even gone so far as to include Twitter training for commanders. IdeaScale has been particularly helpful in allowing the NYPD by allowing for a hyper-local platform, localized to specific zip codes, for sharing anonymous concerns and suggestions. Unlike social media spaces, the IdeaScale platform is more closely moderated, and allows for a community-sourced agenda of which changes community members feel would be most beneficial. During Open Nation 2015, five commands within the NYPD were already utilizing IdeaScale, with the plan to add four more by the end of 2015. The insights about the role of engagement and the use of social media were invaluable.

You will not want to miss all of the fantastic insights from the presenting organizations this year. Open Nation 2016 will take place on Thursday, November 3 at the David Brower Center in Berkeley, California. Speakers at this year’s Open Nation include Vestas, Innovate Your State, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and many more. Click here to find out more and to register for the event.

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