Open Innovation Software

Open innovation is the practice of relying on an entire network for ideas for improvement and growth that will help determine the future of business.

What is open innovation software?

Open innovation software is a digital environment where users can share ideas, vote on the ideas of others and make decisions about what will impact processes, products, markets, and organizations. IdeaScale is the software that empowers open innovation in the enterprise, government, nonprofit, university sectors, and beyond. Open innovation software means that employees, customers, and stakeholders are no longer limited by their domain expertise and can participate in an ongoing discussion that can improve the health of any organization. IdeaScale’s open innovation mandate is dedicated to eliminating all barriers to digital ideation regardless of industry, device, or software. In this way, innovation truly becomes an open process.

Is IdeaScale open innovation software?

Yes. But it’s much more than that. Not only does it allow for the crowd to participate in the entire innovation process and discussion, it means that the crowd and experts can collaborate to identify the ideas that best serve the next generation of business. It can happen with one community or in multiple communities. Even government utilizes this approach. As the Government Executive says an approach is to ask “a set of questions of particular group of people, allow them to propose solutions and provide feedback, and then vote those potential solutions. IdeaScale is a technology that enables many of the federal sites that do this.”

But most sites that only allow for the posting and sharing of ideas offer only a limited view of what open innovation software can do. There are many decision matrix and tools that allow for idea evaluation included in IdeaScale that extend to the refinement, grooming, evaluation, and eventual prototyping of great ideas. The process can be public or private throughout and can include as many collaborators as an organization wants. It all depends upon an organization’s goals and their processes.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

The IdeaScale reporting dashboard tracks all-up and detailed information, including users, ideas, comments, and votes over time.

Build Team

IdeaScale allows teams to form around promising ideas. Community members can be assigned or volunteer to bring ideas to life.

Idea Ownership

Idea ownership allows community members to volunteer to research and implement ideas.

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