Open Innovation Awards: 3 Things We’re Looking For

gift-bannerThe deadline to submit Open Innovation Awards is almost upon us (November 8th) and we’re truly looking forward to reviewing some compelling stories and sharing some new best practices. But for those of you who aren’t sure what it is we’ll be looking at as we select the finalists, let me offer you some insight.

As they review a wealth of applications and different approaches to innovation, the judges will be looking for:

1. Innovative Thinking. Surprise, surprise. We want our innovators to be as unique as the solutions that we’re looking for. We want to be surprised and we believe some of the best innovators are going to be offering us unexpected new approaches to a relatively time-honored process.

2. Repeatable Processes. Just because it’s unique, doesn’t meant that it can’t be applied elsewhere. This simply means that the recipe for success has a step by step approach that you could share with someone else.

3. Measurable Data. This key aspect will help us see the value regardless of community, goals, or industry – this aspect will truly help us compare and learn more from the past two years of IdeaScale implementations.

But enough about us. Be sure to submit your open innovation award application today.

What do you want to learn from the Innovation Awards? What else should we be looking for?

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