Open Data

IdeaScale has been providing solutions for federal, state, and local institutions since the launch of the open government initiatives. With the open government initiative, IdeaScale also found it important to make the crowd data open and accessible. With IdeaScale’s API, a wealth of information is available for usage and analysis. Some have already used our API to access this open data to create public displays of information, better identify leading ideas, and fit into existing web environments.

Build Proposal

Ideas can be developed by asking team members for custom criteria that helps leadership make informed decisions about which ideas are best.

Community Infographic

Exportable, shareable reports are available 24 hours a day from the crowd, including our popular infographic format which renders IdeaScale data in graphic, modular segments.

Voting and Commenting

The community discusses and votes on great ideas. The best ideas bubble up to the top.

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