Online Suggestion Box Collects Qualitative Data

What is an online suggestion box?

It’s not enough to collect opinions in person on easily-lost and non-digitized pieces of paper. These days, the old wooden suggestion box with the slot on top is replaced with an online suggestion box so that employees, customers, and the rest of your audience can reach you at anytime, anywhere. An online suggestion box allows employees, subscribers, and clients the opportunity to improve organizations through their own digital input. IdeaScale is a simple, turn-key solution that makes a very powerful suggestion box. It’s accessible all day, everyday and is easy for anyone to use.

What is possible with an online suggestion box?

With an online suggestion box, it is possible to connect with anyone, anywhere. This connection yields numerous business impacting benefits.

An online suggestion box helps research & development teams. These teams can identify great new ideas that will help improve a product or a process. And not only do they have the benefit of collecting suggestions, they can also collaborate with the authors of the suggestions – thereby increasing your R&D team resources without increasing costs.

An online suggestion box helps market research programs. If your market research teams are looking for ways to connect with customers or conduct research internally, an online suggestion box provides a link to both quantitative and qualitative data which can be used to develop new products, marketing initiatives, and more.

An online suggestion box improves morale and customer sentiment. Transparency throughout the change process helps the public feel that they are being heard and that they have some insight into the business processes of companies that they know. Asking for employee suggestions oftentimes improves morale since it shows that a business cares about employee engagement.

Ultimately, the real value in an online suggestion box is defined by the management of value quantitative data married with qualitative data.

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